Can we put plastic container on the coil while doing treatment? If not, what container should we use? Why?

  1. It is best to use a glass container. Plastic is not so permeable to magnetic fields. This means that the field becomes weak once it passes through the plastic. The glass container can have a plastic lid, as this is above the contents of the container.
  2. I suggested that the plastic tops should be removed and a marble placed on the top of the bottle. One could use lapping compound to grind the marble into the mouth of the glass a little to create a decent temporary seal and replace the plastic cap after using it on the scalar coil.
  3. When one gets a homeopathic dose, there is literally nothing left in the water but the information of what it once was before being diluted.
    If the remedy was made from poison, the body responds with an immune response. The body is not harmed because there is no physical poison to cause the cascade of chemical reactions that the body would experience if actually poisoned.
    The body didn’t need the info of the poison to trigger an immune response. This is a natural aspect of the body. The information was just a catalyst to trigger the response.
    The same goes for the plastic. There is no physical plastic being sent to the body. Only the idea of plastic.
    Any response the body has, it already has the ability to do.
    It does not manifest plastic in the body, nor does it poison the body.
    In fact, some of the protocols using scalar to fight cancer are to put cancer cells on the input plate with poison that kills the cancer cells.
    The act of those cells dying passes on the information to the body that the body then uses to target and kill the cancer cells.
    5 people in this household have been under the influence of those plastic caps for 3 years.
    Not one of those 5 people has been sick in that time or developed any new issues.
    With all that said, for those who wish to error the side of caution, feel free to keep plastic away from the input plates.
    Mind you that the plate itself is made of a polymer that you can’t remove.

For more details, please check the link:

For more details, please check the link:


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