Can Spooky2 Scalar help get rid of parasites in your body?

Yes. There are many detox programs in Spooky2 database, which will help you detox the parasites out of your body.

Here is one of the success stories:

Worms were killed and ejected by Spooky2 Scalar Digitizer

Hi fellow Scalars. I’ve been running Hunt and Kill on Scalar Digitizer for the last 2-3 days, 8 hours a night, as I sleep in the Scalar field. Guess what has happened? Tapeworms have been coming out of my … well you get the picture! These could be tape worms, rope worms, or a combination of biofilms with mucos/intestinal lining, but it’s definitely pathogenic and different from my normal.

This is very exciting because these worms are about 1-2 feet long and 5mm wide. That’s the biggest pathogen there is and Spooky2 is killing them and ejecting them!

My intuition says this was Scalar because it’s the only major change I have made in the last few weeks (sleeping in the field) and the last few days (Hunt and Kill) but who knows. I did Plasma a while ago but that has now been pinched by my house-mate for her treatment. I’ve done BFB scans with TENS and SD and run them on Remote and Plasma. I’ve run all sorts of spiritual wellness frequencies on Remote 247, especially the DH Experimental Frequencies. So any part of that could have caused this pathogen ejection but I believe it was Scalar.

UPDATE: I did some research and it turns out that rope worms can be very good at absorbing heavy metals and I just re-did the Mercury part of Terrain (the first 2 days), so that might have mercury-detoxed the worms right out of there. I tested that idea and got a strong “Yes!” but also a strong “Yes!” that it was the combination of two (Mercury detox and Scalar Hunt and Kill) that caused the worm ejection. I also got a strong “Yes!” that Scalar Hunt and Kill is very effective at killing pathogens. Lovely!

I love Scalar and it is now my only treatment method so I will keep you all informed. I will spare you the photos though! If you want to see what these worms look like after they pass out of the body, for you own observations, do an image search on Google for “rope worms in poop”. It’s a bit gross but it’s good to know what to look for. We should always “look down and check” after going to the toilet, especially if you are doing Spooky2 treatments, because so many pathogens can be expelled from the backend.

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