Can you use imprinted crystals to carry with you to structure water on the go? Or are there handier ways?

Crystals will impart energetic fingerprints into the water.

However, it may not match the quality you get from physically structuring it.

Structuring water when done properly erases all information in the water and increases the natural energy potential (as seen with experiments done using a GDV).

It has been explained as if water is like a liquid crystal. While the water molecules come and go freely, they tend to aggregate (form) into complex chains that are maintained — the information that water picks up.

When structuring (the twisting back and forth of the applied vortices) you are breaking down those chains and resetting the water to the smallest water molecule associations possible.

Structuring using Scalar is mostly imprinting information, but the rotating scalar field on the coil appears to also physically change the so-called liquid crystal arrangement — measurable changes are observed.

Following are measurements of already structured water on the scalar transmitter (using the opposing vortex method) and water that was not structured (distilled).


You can see how one takes on a permanent change while the other barely changes.

This is the change to water that is not structured on the scalar transmitter.
Notes taken:
Distilled Water, Scalar off. Tuning scalar to 6.35 MHz to start. 5.85 MHz = receiver LED again lights with water on the coil. 5.65 MHz one step below lit on coil tester. LED receiver brighter. Large spike at 17 min was me touching the sensor screw (woops).

This is already structured water on the scalar transmitter. Note the lack of change across all points.

Notes taken:
Structured water from tap via NatralActionTechnologies’ Whole House DE unit on Output plate of Scalar. Scalar off to start. 5.3 MHz Tuning is compensating for the water being on the coil (receiver LED lights). 6.4 MHz Tuning is normal tuning for Scalar setup without anything on the coil. Probably need to start with non-structured water to see the effect. My structured water is fairly energized.

For more details, please check this link:

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