Should I keep using substances I’ve used for molecular scalar before or toss them?

1. In my practice and many kinesiologists, we use test vials of substances for years and years on many people. I don’t think the scalar depletes the strength of the supplement. It just “beams” the energy of it. A big difference between the chemical component and the energetic component. One doesn’t affect the other.

2. I have multiple essential oils on my plate. Have had them there for nearly 3 years now. As long as they are still viable essential oils, they keep on producing. When it spoils (not by arbitrary replace by date, but actually spoils), then I’d replace.

A lot of factors go into when something will spoil. Heat, air, etc. My biggest barometer that is still working, is that on the input plate I have Cedarwood Atlas. Bugs do not like it. I can observe the behavior of any flying bug that gets into the house when the field is on, when the field is on with that oil, and when the field is off.

In each case, there are distinct behaviors observed. The Cedarwood Atlas acts like an energetic bug repellant. It also has had a devastating effect on the life cycle and size of those bugs that decide to remain in the field.

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