Can sleeping with Nascent Iodine on the receiver coil of Spooky2 Scalar every night gain great results?

Nascent iodine is something our thyroid and sex organs need with the mineral selenium. The iodine concentration is so high that I think it would be better to place a drop under the tongue at times when you consume a good selenium food. And once you build up your body iodine levels, you really don’t need to take any for a while. I do put a lot of supplements on my Scalar, but not sure I’d put nascent iodine on it. You can test to see if you are iodine deficient by putting a drop on your skin to see if it does not go away by the next day. If you want to test it out, try it a few days to see how it goes.

You were really lucky someone gave you a Scalar. My friend is only placing a chicken egg on his Scalar and already seeing improvements with macula degeneration and his tender liver is improving. My friend is 72 years old and is thrilled with his results. I also purchased the Scalar and using it for it’s reverse aging effects. I was fairly healthy when I got my Scalar and the one thing I notice is how much deep sleep I get. Keep us updated on any improvements you see or others that use your Scalar.

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