Can I put a few supplements, oils etc. in the urine on the receiver coil of Spooky2 Scalar?

1. Yes, you can. We are helping a friend with liver cancer and he is coming over to sit in the scalar field every day. We are using his urine and a few supplements (THC tinctures I produce them, Boswellia Sacra (pure Frankinsence oil), 190 ethyl alcohol and the Korean red pine oil Pure) in the urine. I put just 2-3 drops in and it is hard to smell it in the urine. So yesterday he said towards the end of his session that he got an overwhelming smell and taste in his mouth of something like pine. He is only sitting for 2 hours per day in the field that is why we suggested he purchase his own so that his healing can be much greater!

2. I used morning urine and mixed it with a tablet of 1000mg Vitamin C on the receiver coil.
I did not have MMS but I found on the internet that vitamin C is an effective remedy for urinary tract infections involving nitrate-reducing bacteria. It worked for me!

3. Vitamine C is great. Quinton sea plasma is great.

For more details, please check the link:

4. From what has been reported, good quality essential oils work well, no alcohol in the oils or other funny stuff. Blood would seem best, but no records to back up either. Make sure to put on receiver box, and make a water drink or juice drink if you want on the transmitter box just the Scalar wave alone works well also, just some ideas, Frankincense has had reported success.

For more details, please check the link:

5. Yes, this was reported by Meyl with great success. Please see the links to his writings posted on here by Prana. I am sure you are wondering and asking if there were any side effects, and I have not seen any reports of side effects, but I have not used the Chemo pill inside the field personally.

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