I can feel perceptible energy, and bodily sensations, in Pure and Rife scalar modes but can not feel the same in Molecular scalar mode, and use up to 5 vials with various compounds on the receiver coil/pad. Is this expected? Is the scalar field energy dim

The molecules of the wire are heated up till they escape the wire itself and then as the orbit increased due to energy applied, the molecule emits a photon and the molecule then falls back to the wire and gets re-energized again. There are no mechanics of the scalar field that we know of. The very fact that you “feel” or not feel energized is unknown to how it works. Spooky2 supplied equipment that was being mainstream pushed for experimenters and we all try to buy the next thing so we can truly experiment.

So if you are wondering how it does what it does since you own one it is now your responsibility to share your feelings or not so others can corroborate the information so maybe someone will be able to link the information into a science. Compounds on the scalar coil? Now you are into the radionics field of study. Although you can say there is a scalar capacitive coupling to the molecular ingredients in the vial on the coil so it generates some form of compound resonance that is added to the original scalar wave and somehow influences the cells of the body with its influence.

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