Can I put several different items of vitamins mixed in a glass on the transmitter?

By placing them on the transmitter, are you wishing to imprint them with the biological information within the scalar field?
If you mean to add them to the scalar field, you would be better putting them on the receiver which is the input coil.

Whether this is a glass of mixed vitamin pills or liquid vitamins in the glass, both will work.

Be aware that the further away from the coil’s top, the less likely the biological information will be picked up. I would not stack the items very tall — keeping them to 1 inch or less in height.

If you have say like 15 vitamin pills, you may be better off just placing them around the ring that is demarked on the coil. Starting with the smallest circle and working your way left and right of this point till you come full circle.

I’ve included a picture to clarify. The red arrow shows where the magnetic scalar field is strongest and is where you would place your first item. The yellow area points to the circle that follows the coil overlap where you would place additional items on the coil.

For more details, please check this link:

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