How do I do a full Biofeedback scan on Spooky2 Scalar?

It is impossible to do what is considered a full scan using the Scalar based BFB. What is considered a full scan is subjective; but based on the original scan ranges, it is generally accepted as scanning from 41,000 Hz to 18,000,000 Hz. This is now called a high-frequency scan in the software. The current general BFB scan is from 41,000 Hz to 1,800,000 Hz, a fraction of what the original scan was.

With Scalar, the scan does not scan individual frequencies but rather modulates the scalar field. This has the effect of turning the field on and off rapidly and creates multiple frequencies at once. The Scalar based BFB scan is set to scan up to 50,000 Hz (which is a modulator, not a frequency) and is a completely different method and modality. Scanning any higher may cause the scalar field to become unstable.

So, the answer is that there is only one scan available to the scalar BFB method and is not very customizable. The results returned must be applied via Scalar, using the same tuning frequency or they become invalid. Using any other tuning frequency will not reproduce the same frequencies that were evaluated. The results are not usable on remote or plasma, as a modulator is not a frequency. Either you use it as is, or convert it to a TENS based BFB scan.

For more details, please check this link:

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