Can I use the Scalar Digitizer to feedback scalar into the scalar without connecting GX?

1. The scalar input port is for modulation and requires a 5v 100% offset signal so don’t do it.

2. Scalar Digitizer (SD) is in series with the Link cable connection between the Scalar Transmitter and the Scalar Receiver. So SD is simply a coil sensing the current flowing in the Link cable. I assume it’s just acting like a transformer with a primary and secondary coil which provides electrical isolation between the Link cable and the input of GX OUT-1 when in BFB sensing mode. So IMO SD doesn’t work in scalar mode. To generate a scalar field you need to cancel out the magnetic field. Pass a current through a standard coil and you will generate a magnetic field. A Bifilar coil wound such that the coils oppose one another can produce a scalar field.

Is there a way to make my Spooky2 Scalar self-modulating?

1. Are you saying the applied generator frequency simply switches the Scalar wave on and off, in the same manner as the cold laser is simply is switched on and off?
Meaning the generator frequency is delivered by scalar pulses, not by attaching the frequency to the actual wave as a radio signal is attached to a carrier wave in radio transmission?
If so, how are harmonics produced and delivered to the body?
It relates to the initial application of a whole lot of varying harmonics, rather like a shotgun, hoping that we just might hit something of value.

2. That is exactly how the system works.
A continuous signal from the scalar device is turned on and off at the rate that the generator sends. That’s called, precisely, modulation.

So the scalar signal is modulated by the square waveform coming from the generator, and there is where the harmonics come from, as these two signals behave as a true modulated signal, and all the physics laws apply, especially the harmonics distribution around the fundamental frequency (scalar carrier), spaced the distance marked by the frequency coming from the generator.

3. It just turns the scalar field on and off at the rate of the square wave.

4. Square waves mathematically are the sum of a sine wave and all odd harmonics. Here’s a link that explains it.

For more details, please check this link:

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