Can I run a biofeedback with scalar without the person only using his nails/photos?

Spooky2 does not offer any type of remote biofeedback scan. Application of scan results can be done remotely; but to first get that data, you need to have the person physically present. This doesn’t matter if it is done via the Pulse, GX, or via the so-called scalar biofeedback — for which I have already commented is not a viable scan methodology.

Yes, scans via a scalar BFB do produce data that can be analyzed but do not produce isolated variables that can be evaluated. Furthermore, the act of applying those results requires very specific conditions to recreate the method in which they were evaluated in the first place. The data is not transferable to remote or plasma and only holds value if applied via scalar using exacting conditions.

As for the sample digitizer, it is important to distinguish that the act of scanning a source of material for problems and then applying those results, is not the same as scanning a person remotely.
If the sample scanned does not have a problem physically contained within, you are not going to ferret out a problem through some remote magic.

There is no magic to remotes, scalar, etc. They work on principles that one can understand if one takes the time to find out how. However, applying said means interchangeably to do what the devices are not capable of, is oversold in this group.

For more details, please check this link:

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