Is grade scan good for finding healing frequencies or is it mostly used to search for frequencies killing pathogens?

1. You need to amend the Grade Scan to a Square Wave. Generally,  MIN BPM are the settings required, as they measure downward spikes in the BPM, indicating a healing response.

However supplements and vitamins etc do not always behave as expected, and you can get an Upward Spike (increase in BPM).

This may be because some supplements both heal and treat; or the body may so need the supplement that it jumps for joy!
So if you use MIN BPM, you need to also scroll down and save any frequency that has made the body respond with an upward Spike.

2. You need to get the Tens pads. The grade scan is used to find the best freqs of programs for your condition.
I got the Tens pads but I also have the scalar digitizer so I run Hunt & Kill almost all the time. I use my XM via remote to run support frequencies. I got another XM remote kit in order to run additional programs.

For more details, please check the link:

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