Can I notice anything if I sit in scalar field for 1-2 hours?

1. Not sure if you’d notice anything in 1-2 hours! I noticed that I have a deeper sleep since I sleep in the field!

2. I agree a couple of hours of pure scalar won’t be noticeable. It is very subtle. Combining rife with the scalar is far more effective than Remote mode. Using your scalar for vitamins and meds will make it pay for itself by using the same pills over and over.

3. I would suggest herxing is fairly rare with a scalar. And when you do then that means it’s working to clear stuff out through detoxing. It’s a very subtle energy in most cases you won’t feel anything immediately and if you do just cut your time done to start with. I’ve slept in the scalar field all nite and my mother too and we did not felt a bad reaction only good on sleeping more and pain and ache in our joints have vanished almost over nite just go for it you will not regret it its a longterm solution to keeping well!

4. I have been using Spooky for 3 years and have never herxed (nor has my wife, now free from Lyme); but I did have some herx symptoms the first couple of night I used Scalar. I found that reassuring!

5. I have been herxing a lot sometimes with remote treatment alone… and my health has improved so it has been working. Yes, I see herx also as something positive.

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