Do you need to be very computer and tech savvy to learn how to use scalar, I'm afraid that's going to be difficult for me

No, please don't worry about it. Spooky2 Scalar is very easy to use. And that's one of the reasons our customers like it. There are three ways to apply scalar waves. Among them, pure scalar mode is the easiest to use. Tune Spooky2 Scalar, then sit or lie between the transmitter and receiver. Pure scalar energy then flows between the lids. Then you can experience the amazing benefits of the healing scalar energy. Here is a training course for Spooky2 Scalar beginners to help you better understand Spooky2 Scalar:

We have many other free training courses online to help you understand how to use Spooky2 Scalar. You can find courses here:

And our website also has many blogs to help you understand it:

Also, whenever you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing at:, we will try our best to help you.

Let's look what our users say:

Some years ago now I did a web search for radionics, Spooky2 came up, finally I purchased a Spooky2 Generator Pro, then I added the Scalar kit. Very happy with both, still more to learn. There has been great & quick assistance in the buying process and with ‘how to use’ either directly or via youtube, facebook. There are many free zoom tutorials which are fantastic from people with much more experience/knowledge of the equipment and software going through things step by strp and also answering questions. Overall very happy with the experience of Spooky2 equipment and community. Results you will experience.

Start your scalar energy travel now:

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