Can Spooky2 Scalar help kill pathogens?How does Scalar Energy kill pathogens?

Yes. It is discovered that scalar energy can kill pathogens by stimulating our natural immune function. Ideally, the immune response of the body will rid you of pathogens entirely. When your immune system is weakened or malfunctioning, it fails to protect you from the invasion of pathogens. Scalar energy can provide optimal energetic support for the immune system and boost its capacity in protecting and safeguarding your body. Once your immune system works well, it can destroy the pathogens that do invade your body. Also, scalar energy can charge your cells and give them much-needed energy, which is the root cause that scalar energy can make you do not fall prey easily to diseases.

You can also run rife scalar mode to combine the benefits of scalar energy and frequencies to kill pathogens. For how to run rife scalar mode, you can click this link:

Learn more about Spooky2 Scalar:

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