Where do you set the DNA sample on the scalar system to send frequencies in remote? The photo is printed on printing paper, not on special photo paper. Would that do?

Generally, we recommend sitting or lying in the scalar field to get the scalar treatment. But some of our users also try using Spook2 Scalar remotely and get great results.

1. Most people put the DNA sample and photograph in the middle of the scalar field. You can give it a try.

example 1: I put a DNA sample and photograph in the middle of the scalar field, then put frankincense oil on the receiver, it transferred to the remote person and worked well.

example 2:  I had a friend that had lung issues from you know what (can’t mention the virus he had on here) and was in the hospital. He was released but was still going downhill. I decided to try his photo in the middle of my scalar while he lived about 7 miles away from me. Didn’t use any DNA just photos.
In 3 days his wife said he is getting well really quick. In a week he was eating again. In 2 weeks he gains most of his weight back and is doing excellent. He’s in his mid-70s.

2. example1: I have found that an analog picture is more potent than a digital picture. I also like to add the person's DNA nail to the field.

example 2: Paper-printed photos also worked for me. I ran killing frequencies that I clearly reacted to. The photo has the highest intensity when it is put directly in front of the antenna. That has almost 70% (black white printed) effectiveness compared to if he was in a field. A photo + nail DNA increased the effectiveness.

More details here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2scalar/posts/1482074805699406/



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