How to Load the Program and Run GeneratorX Pro Standalone?

GeneratorX Pro can be run in standalone mode, which means you can run programs without connecting to a computer. Follow the steps below to learn how to use GeneratorX Pro in standalone mode.

Step 1: Load programs into GeneratorX Pro

Firstly, complete the hardware connection and open Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro.

Open Spooky2 software. Go to the Control tab, and you will find two generators that have been detected.


Go to the Preset tab, and choose one Shell (Empty) Preset based on your need. For example, l will choose Scalar-Spooky2 Scalar (SS)-JW to help with my bone.


Then, go to the Program tab, search the keyword “bone”, and you will find many related programs. Double click or click the “+” button on the programs you want to load. You will see these programs have been added into “Loaded Program” in the lower-left corner. Before you proceed to the next step, check again whether these programs are exactly what you want.


Go to the Control tab, select “Overwrite Generator”. Choose either of the two generators on your GeneratorX Pro. It does not matter if you select generator #3 or generator #4. They both share the same programs. In this example, l will choose generator #3.

Click “Load GX”, you will see a new window pop up.



Below “New Program Name”, give the new program a name so that you can remind yourself what this program is about. If not, it will automatically combine all your program names as titles. Here, l name the program “Bone problems”. Double click on the location you want the program to be stored. You can overwrite an existing program if you like. There are 30 locations which you can store your programs. However, all of these programs should be within the limits of 200 frequencies. Here, l will place them in Location 16.


Step 2: Run programs in standalone mode

After the download is complete, close the Spooky2 software and disconnect GeneratorX Pro from your computer.

Connect Spooky2 Scalar to one generator of your GeneratorX Pro. 

Press “G1” or “G2” button, and you will see all the programs that have loaded into your GeneratorX Pro.

Use “Up” or “Down” button to select the program you want to run.

Then press "Start" and the program will start running, and press "Stop" button the program will stop immediately.

If select the “Loop” button,the program will run 24/7 until you stop it manually.


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