Is Rife Scalar the same power/effectiveness as Plasma or more?

1. They are based on different working theories. Spooky2 Scalar is a Tesla device that transmits natural scalar energy rather than electromagnetic waves. Spooky2 Plasma delivers frequencies to your body via powerful electromagnetic waves.

2. Rife scalar is less powerful than plasma. Scalar is less than 24 watts, whereas plasma can be more than 30 watts. Regarding effectiveness, I think Rife Plasma is more effective than Rife Scalar in killing pathogens, and scalar is better in healing, but this is my personal opinion only.

3. I have found Rife Plasma is stronger and works better and faster in both healing and killing pathogens than Rife Scalar.

4. Based on my own and some friends’ tests, pure scalar is quite good for healing. Here is how I normally use my Spooky2 scalar. Sitting in pure scalar field when I feel like to balance Yin/Yang in my body, or balance my charkras. Put supplements on the receiver coil for nutritional gains. Using it with Spooky2 generator to pathogenic cleanse. In this case, I get both healing, killing, and nutritions.

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  • Scalar has a hunt and kill setting. Are you saying that this setting won't work very well?  What is your personal opinion based on, that plasma kills better than scalar? Is it because you feel much more die- off (herx) when you use plasma than scalar? Also I have been told that scalar not only infuses us with health promoting electrons(energy) but it also infuses parasites and bacteria with the same--- therefore making them more robust as well?????


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