When I run Rife Scalar and I put items on the receiver coil, does this interfere with the Rife Scalar? Can these 3 functions work together?

Yes, these three functions can work together. If you have your scalar tuned with biologicals on the input coil, then you will have a scalar field with information embedded.
Using a generator on the system will only turn that system on and off at the frequency you are inputting into the modulation port.
So yes all 3 can co-exists at the same time provided that you can tune the system to compensate for the impact the generator has on the system.
Hooking up a generator changes the system’s capacitance and will change the tuning characteristics. In some cases, the generator will ground the transmitter out and you won’t be able to tune it at all.
When using the frequency, the scalar field will be on with information, and then off and nothing since modulating it again turns the system on and off rapidly.
So you essentially will have less scalar field with that biological information as it will be off 50% of the time.
Additionally, the frequency input is limited by the software to 50,000 Hz or less.
So you won’t be replicating most of the frequencies from programs you run as you might think. Most of the frequencies will be modified.
Almost half of that frequency range is sound, and so you may gain entrainment value but you won’t be devitalizing anything.
The final result is that the modulator will have the effect of creating a frequency spread centered on the tuning frequency.

If when connecting the generator you get no link cable light on the receiver, then there’s no scalar field.
The link cable light is a direct reflection of power flowing through the system. No light, no power.
If you can’t re-tune while the generator is connected to compensate for the change in tuning characteristics, then the generator is grounding out the power.

For more details, please check this link:

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  • Is the frequency spread equivalent to the frequency input? If I run a Rife frequency e.g. 6kHz the 'spread' of the resonance frequency, let's assume is 6MHz, would then be +/-6kHz add/subtract of 6MHz? I'm not clear about what 'spread' means here.


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