I have two coil testers. One coil tester shows 5.7 MHz. The other shows 6.1 MHz. Is this correct?

A scalar field easily passes through solid objects. Because of this, it is not possible to directly measure the scalar field produced by Spooky2 Scalar. A different method must be used.

Spooky2 Scalar converts EMF energy to scalar energy. The correct operating frequency of Spooky2 Scalar can be determined by monitoring the EMF energy before it is converted to scalar.

The relationship between the EMF field and scalar field is not direct. Nor is it linear. Thorough testing reveals that the correct scalar tuning range exceeds 0.5 MHz. The center of this point is best found by placing the coil tester on the side of the transmitter coil.

The EMF energy at the optimum scalar frequency is low. Sometimes the coil tester does not light fully due to natural variations in the LED conducting voltage. For this reason, we supply two coil testers with each Spooky2 Scalar sold. It is perfectly normal to find a tuning difference between the two coil testers.

The important thing to remember is the wide tuning frequency range. One coil tester may show 5.7 MHz as the ideal frequency. The other may show 6.1 MHz. They are 0.4 MHz apart. However, both of these frequencies are inside the optimum scalar frequency range of 0.5 MHz, and either frequency can be used.

Natural and artificial obstacles and fields may further compound the difficulty in detecting the EMF being produced by the transmitter coil. In this case, you may move the coil tester closer to the center of the coil, where the strength of the field is greater.

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