Does it mean using my body very close to the transmitter would affect the strength of scalar energy?

When you attempt to block the transmission, if your body absorbs the RF, it will decrease the energy of the coils in the receiver and the light will dim. This is of course if you don’t have a scalar field. Standard physics.
When you attempt to bock the transmission, if tuned correctly and it has formed a scalar field, the standing wave will bypass your body and the energy of the receiver coils will not change much and the light will not dim. They have done tests showing that the energy of a scalar field can penetrate even Faraday cages.
So what you have indicated tells me that you have a well tuned scalar field setup.
If you wish to test this further to see how each mode behaves, and you are say wired 6 feet apart and are tuned in the 5 to 6 MHz range, then tune it down further to the 4 MHz range where the link light is again very strong.
When you go to block the RF transmission with even just your hand in front of the receiver lid, it will dim considerably.
If you are successful in doing this test, you will gain valuable insight as to how each behaves.
The tensor coils shouldn’t interfere with the scalar field. If anything they could become resonant and extend the scalar field’s range.

For more details, please check this link:

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