Why do I tune to the 528 Hz frequency but never manage to get that frequency?

The scalar boxes are tuned with a resolution factor of 50,000 Hz. Starting at 8 MHz, as you turn the knob it decrements to 7.95 MHz (7,950,000 Hz), then 7.90 MHz (7,900,000 Hz), etc.

With that, 528 assuming you mean 5.28 MHz, is not possible. When you say 540, I assume you mean 5.40 MHz which is possible.

To tune to a frequency of choice because of internal bias (Solfeggio) completely disregards the reason for tuning the boxes.

Provided your boxes are at a distance that 5.40 MHz is correct, continue to use that frequency. If 5.40 MHz is being used because it is closest to 528 * 10,000 and is not correct for the tuning conditions your boxes are under, will actually cause you to waste your time.

The frequency used to tune the boxes is the one that causes the reflection wave from the receiver to be correctly 180 degrees out of phase from the transmitter. There are a number of variables that affect what is correct — the distance between the boxes being the largest factor.

Any other frequency used may produce a reflection that is not out of phase, and then you do not have a scalar field. You just have two boxes emitting an EMF field.

For more details, please check this link:

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